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There are many benefits to working with Debt Refresh to resolve your debt. We will help you reduce your debt up to 80% and get you payments you can afford.


Stop harassing creditor calls immediately

As soon as you enter into your debt solution, debt collectors are required by law to stop their calls to you


Stop mounting interest payments

By entering a debt solution interest on existing accounts is immediately frozen from continuing to grow


Keep your CAR, HOME, and RRSP’s

Only "unsecured" debt is normally included, leaving your house, car and investments untouched


We work for you

We work for you to get the lowest possible payment whereas other companies are required to try to collect the highest settlement for the creditors.

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Debt Relief Options

Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you to find the right program to fit your personal situation.


Consumer proposals

A consumer proposal is one of the best, and safest, debt consolidation options available.  It is a legal settlement agreement that allows you to keep assets and can result in lower monthly payments than other solutions.


Debt consolidation

With debt consolidation we will help you find a financial institution that will provide you with a loan to pay off your existing debt.  This will combine all your individual payments into one payment you can afford.



A bankruptcy is normally filed when you can not maintain any of your payments including those for things like your house and car.  It is designed to provide you relief from all your debt by settling with your creditors.


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